The Walking Dead ‘The Key’ Review

“I’m a goddamn cat.” This week on The Walking Dead we were introduced to a weird new group (led by Secretary of State Cathy Durant), the hilltop people actually got their asses into gear, and we got an out of nowhere Rick/Negan showdown that will go down as one of the show’s best ever scenes. Season 8 […]


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The Walking Dead – ‘Hearts Still Beating’ Review

This has been a pretty grim season, with all of our main characters in one way or another being crushed under Negan’s heel. Rick especially is far from the murdering badass of previous seasons. But that’s fine, the characters need to be thoroughly broken before they can satisfyingly “rise up”. This midseason finale, one of the best they’ve done, not only offers real hope but makes all the hardship of the previous six episodes worth it.

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