The Walking Dead – ‘Look At The Flowers’ Review

Daryl and Negan bond a little, Carol has her dark night of the soul, Beta reveals his rootin’ tootin’ true identity, and we meet a new character who just might be the ray of light our heroes need.

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What I’m Reading – ‘Batman Incorporated’ by Grant Morrison

Batman has gone global. After making a spectacular return from the dead, Bruce Wayne decided that there needs to be more than one Batman. In fact, he settles on there being a whole team of them, all over the world. Letting Dick Grayson continue as the caped crusader back home in Gotham, Bruce travels the globe, recruiting heroes who have all in some way been inspired by the bat. He trains them and gives them the resources they need to fight crime from their corner of the planet, as well as drafting them into his own Bat-Army. 

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Torchwood – Season 1 Review

I feel like Torchwood has kinda got a bad reputation since it aired. Billed as the “adult” version of Doctor Who, the show lived up to the description. It’s full of the sort of violence, swearing, and sex that would make The Doctor blush. And yeah, some of it’s pretty silly. And a lot of it hasn’t aged particularly well. But once you get past that, it’s a really fun science fiction show with a consistent first season – with a good number of episodes that are truly superb. 

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