Doctor Who – ‘The Haunting of Villa Diodati’ Review

After the high concept shenanigans of last week’s episode, this week’s episode of Doctor Who was a seemingly straight forward affair; part ghost story, part famous-historical-figure episode.

As the episode went on, however, it became clear that maybe it wasn’t as straight forward as it first seemed.

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We Just Watched… Marriage Story (2019)

Netflix’s divorce epic is a fantastic film, with a wonderful cast and challenging story. It’ll make you re-evaluate the relationships in your own life and, if nothing else, will turn you into a lifelong Adam Driver fan (if for some reason you aren’t already). Here are our thoughts.

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Doctor Who – ‘Spyfall: Part One’ Review

Doctor Who is back with a bang! After a disappointing last season (but a fantastic Jodie Whittaker performance) the show returns with all the fantastic elements of the previous season (Whittaker, a higher budget, great scripts, brilliant music, Bradley Walsh) and seemingly sets a course to correct what the last season lacked. There’s more stuff for Yaz to do, more variety and – most importantly – more classic Who stuff.

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100 Words or Less – Prospect (2018)

Title – Prospect Released – 2018 Director – Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell Starring – Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher, and Jay Duplass Review – Based on the director’s short film of the same name, Prospect is a sci-fi/western that leaves an impact. It follows father and daughter scavengers (Duplass and Thatcher), who drop onto toxic wasteland planets in search of valuable gems. After […]

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