Mom and Dad (2017) Review

‘Mom and Dad’ is peak Cage. It’s the best he’s been in a long time.

With a really original idea, and a unique style, and fantastic performances from Selma Blair and Nic Cage – ‘Mom and Dad’ is a treat.

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Bullet Head (2017) Review

Paul Solet’s Bullet Head is not the greatest film of all time, it’s not trying to be. But it is one of the most surprising in recent memory.

Starring some real talent – and an excellent dog – Bullet Head is worth your time. Just ignore the title.

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Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) Review

We here on this blog signalled the Vince Vaughn-aissance back when he was in the criminally under-rated second season of True Detective. Well now it seems everyone else has stood up and taken notice.

Vaughn stars in the latest film from Bone Tomahawk director S. Craig Zahler, which currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a remarkable 94%. But is it as good as the critics are saying?

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