The Dark Knight at 10 – An In-depth Look at the British Media’s Call for Censorship

Love it or hate it (or just think that Batman Begins is the superior film), Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is about to hit 10 years old. In honour of that fact, here’s an essay I did analysing the British Media’s strange outrage at the film’s 12A rating.

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My Top 5 Films of 2017 (So Far)

So far so good; 2017 is shaping up to be pretty fantastic year for cinema. Sure there’s been some duds but there’s also been some sure-to-be future classics too.

Perhaps most surprisingly though is the fact that a lot of these aren’t coming from the usual avant-garde places, but rather from big bad Hollywood.

Read on, tell me if you agree with my picks, and let me know what your favourite films of 2017 have been!

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Man of Steel Review (Spoiler free)

 “Out there, amongst the stars, he will be free.”  I’ll try and keep this review spoiler free and, honestly, there really isn’t that much to spoil. Everyone knows the blueprint of a Superman story, and Man of Steel is sometimes predictable in that regard but if you really don’t want spoilers, turn away now.   Man of […]

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