The Witcher Episode 7 Review – ‘Before a Fall’

With only two episodes left, The Witcher still has a few things to sort out. Ciri is still out there alone, Nilfgaard is on the attack, Geralt is reluctant to grasp his destiny, and Yen is having a crappy time of things trying to find her place in the world. Not to mention the wider political intrigue and backstabbing taking place in the royal courts across the Continent. Luckily, this episode goes a long way to tying up these disparate threads.

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The Witcher Episode 5 Review – ‘Bottled Appetites’

Based on “The Last Wish”, one of the best of the original short stories, this episode sees Geralt and Yennefer cross paths for the first time. And their relationship promises to be an interesting one. At the very least, this makes the timeline a lot simpler. Ciri’s plot moves forward too, as she is taken from Brokilon by a doppler impersonating her old friend Mousesack.

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The Witcher Episode 3 Review – ‘Betrayer Moon’

In what is perhaps the simplest episode yet, Geralt takes on a deadly contract. Like the games and books, he accepts the task and is soon thrust into a world of human drama that he did not bargain for. And it becomes a whole lot more complicated very quickly. Elsewhere, years earlier, Yennefer of Vengerberg becomes the woman she was always destined to be, and starts her new life.

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The Witcher Episode 2 Review – ‘Four Marks’

The Witcher continues it’s hot streak in episode 2, with a slight detour away from Geralt to tell the story of Yennefer of Vengerberg – powerful sorceress and canon love interest (sorry Triss fans). Her backstory has always been a bit mysterious, but this episode gives us a good introduction to the troubled early years, as well as the world of magic. Though don’t expect any concrete explanations.

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The Witcher Episode 1 Review – ‘The End’s Beginning’

Since the show was announced, lots of people have been very nervous about it. About how the show would handle the dense world of the books, whether the more extreme elements would be toned down, about the casting of Henry Cavill, etc. But judging from the first episode alone, those fears were completely ridiculous.

The show is bloody, crazy, fantasy of the highest order.

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MyCreativeRambling’s Best of the Decade

2010 feels like a long time ago. In that year, we were all in the cinema watching Inception or Toy Story 3. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was still in its infancy. Most people still hadn’t heard of Breaking Bad, while Game of Thrones was still a year away.

On top of that, Sad Keanu was breaking our hearts, Michael Cera was skipping, and double rainbows were outstaying their welcome. And that’s just 2010. The decade since has been interesting, to say the least.

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