The Boys – Comic and TV Show Comparison

After finding success with ‘Preacher’, executive producers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg turn their talents to the second most popular Garth Ennis series – The Boys. Now the comic is notorious for depicting more or less any heinous act you can think of, so this was always going to be a tricky adaptation.

Luckily, the comic also had some great ideas – with some really great characters, comedy, and moments of satire. And those things shine through in this super adaptation. With just enough of the trademark Ennis edginess left in.

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The Hitokage Detective Agency (A Charmander Story)

Originally posted on A Breeder's Guide to Pokémon:
Story by Jack Bumby It was our first job – literally the very first, we’d barely even set up shop. Image credit: Thyfany Ron The water splashed up at my torso. “That’s just swell.” “Char! Char!” Charmander scolded, from his position on my shoulder. “It…

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