Doctor Who – Series 1 Rewatch and Review

With the recent airing of Revolution of the Daleks, I found myself genuinely excited, in a way that I haven’t for a long time in regards to Doctor Who. Even though the episode had its faults, it did hark back to a simpler era of the show.

Maybe it was the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, but I had an urge to go back and experience it all again.

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Lovecraft Country – “Meet Me In Daegu” Review

Episode six of Lovecraft Country takes us to South Korea on the eve of war. ‘Meet Me In Daegu” is interesting for a lot of reasons, but for me the most striking thing is that this episode uses nothing from the book on which the series is based. The other episodes have made some pretty significant departures from the source material, but this episode is the first one to move away from it completely. The book and its loose pulp story probably mean that no one is going to be too upset by the detour, and it allows the show to do some really crazy thing.

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Lovecraft Country – ‘Strange Case’ Review

The show takes another step up this week as it delves into full-on (and horrific) body horror. Ruby makes a deal with the devil in order to live the life of a successful white woman, and she comes out of ‘Strange Case’ as an entirely different person – though it has nothing to do with her skin colour. Elsewhere, Tic and Leti get closer than ever in the aftermath of Montrose’s terrible decision.

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Lovecraft Country – ‘Holy Ghost’ Review

After the explosive and climatic events in Ardham last week, the gang are all back together in Chicago (minus one Uncle George). Atticus is staying with his Aunt, Montrose has fallen back off the wagon, and Leti has purchased a big, spooky home. From racist neighbours, to evil cops turning a blind eye, as well as ghosts haunting this new home, there is danger coming at them on all sides. But after watching Leti with that baseball bat, you realise that its the white supremacists and supernatural villains who might need to call for backup. 

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