The Witcher Episode 4 Review – ‘Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials’

Geralt attends a party with Dandelion and things go awry. Ciri drinks the Kool-Aid in Brokilon. And Yennefer gets into a whole heap of trouble with a mysterious assassin and his awesome spider companion.

This episode also clears things up a bit, regarding the timelines.

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The Witcher Episode 3 Review – ‘Betrayer Moon’

In what is perhaps the simplest episode yet, Geralt takes on a deadly contract. Like the games and books, he accepts the task and is soon thrust into a world of human drama that he did not bargain for. And it becomes a whole lot more complicated very quickly. Elsewhere, years earlier, Yennefer of Vengerberg becomes the woman she was always destined to be, and starts her new life.

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The Witcher Episode 2 Review – ‘Four Marks’

The Witcher continues it’s hot streak in episode 2, with a slight detour away from Geralt to tell the story of Yennefer of Vengerberg – powerful sorceress and canon love interest (sorry Triss fans). Her backstory has always been a bit mysterious, but this episode gives us a good introduction to the troubled early years, as well as the world of magic. Though don’t expect any concrete explanations.

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The Witcher Episode 1 Review – ‘The End’s Beginning’

Since the show was announced, lots of people have been very nervous about it. About how the show would handle the dense world of the books, whether the more extreme elements would be toned down, about the casting of Henry Cavill, etc. But judging from the first episode alone, those fears were completely ridiculous.

The show is bloody, crazy, fantasy of the highest order.

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MyCreativeRambling’s Best of the Decade

2010 feels like a long time ago. In that year, we were all in the cinema watching Inception or Toy Story 3. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was still in its infancy. Most people still hadn’t heard of Breaking Bad, while Game of Thrones was still a year away.

On top of that, Sad Keanu was breaking our hearts, Michael Cera was skipping, and double rainbows were outstaying their welcome. And that’s just 2010. The decade since has been interesting, to say the least.

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The Walking Dead – ‘The World Before’ Review

So there we have it, another half-season gone in the blink of an eye. Though this episode didn’t give us an action-packed mid-finale, it did wrap up the themes and ideas that we’ve been seeing for the past eight weeks. This half of the season has been the ‘Cold War’ with the Whisperers, with both sides taking shots and being careful not to overstep. By the end of The World Before, it’s apparent that, going forward, the war will be anything but cold.

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The Walking Dead – ‘Open Your Eyes’ Review

I owe some people an apology. Since being introduced, I’ve defended Dante’s wacky antics. People said he was weird, but hey, he was weird in the comics. It’s his shtick. But as it turns out, all those people who said something was ever so slightly off with Dante were 100% correct. In a very surprising moment, one that feels tailor-made to pull the rug out from under the comic readers, Dante kills Siddiq.

I guess it wouldn’t be a season of The Walking Dead if the resident medical professional didn’t get the chop.

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