We Just (Re-)Watched… Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Like practically every 90’s kid, we got scooped up in the hype train that was Harry Potter. From the books to the films, that world was amazing. We all saw each film at the cinema over the years and suddenly it was over. While it was still an interesting world, the magic of it fizzled a little bit. So we thought it was time for a reappraisal.


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Burgle Bros. – Board Game Review

First sold in 2015 after raising $228,000 on Kickstarter, Burgle Bros is a heist board game for 1-4 players. It sees you (or you and some friends) robbing three safes from a three-tier bank/office, while adeptly (or most of the time rather clumsily) avoiding the guards, hacking alarms and blowing walls up with dynamite.

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