Doctor Who – ‘Spyfall: Part Two’ Review

Doctor Who returned in the New Year and was surprisingly good. Sure it had the usual wonkiness that is now part and parcel of the show, but it was entertaining – with a last-minute twist that took it to the next level. That meant, for the first time in ages, I was really excited for this episode. And it managed to be even better than I expected. Is the show back on top?

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The Witcher Episode 7 Review – ‘Before a Fall’

With only two episodes left, The Witcher still has a few things to sort out. Ciri is still out there alone, Nilfgaard is on the attack, Geralt is reluctant to grasp his destiny, and Yen is having a crappy time of things trying to find her place in the world. Not to mention the wider political intrigue and backstabbing taking place in the royal courts across the Continent. Luckily, this episode goes a long way to tying up these disparate threads.

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Doctor Who – ‘Spyfall: Part One’ Review

Doctor Who is back with a bang! After a disappointing last season (but a fantastic Jodie Whittaker performance) the show returns with all the fantastic elements of the previous season (Whittaker, a higher budget, great scripts, brilliant music, Bradley Walsh) and seemingly sets a course to correct what the last season lacked. There’s more stuff for Yaz to do, more variety and – most importantly – more classic Who stuff.

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The Witcher Episode 5 Review – ‘Bottled Appetites’

Based on “The Last Wish”, one of the best of the original short stories, this episode sees Geralt and Yennefer cross paths for the first time. And their relationship promises to be an interesting one. At the very least, this makes the timeline a lot simpler. Ciri’s plot moves forward too, as she is taken from Brokilon by a doppler impersonating her old friend Mousesack.

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