What I’m Reading – ‘From Hell’ by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

“I am Sir William Withey Gull. How may I help you?”

Probably the best graphic novel of all time. The detail in it, the research that must have been necessary, is mind boggling.

It’s not just about Jack the Ripper; it takes a much, much wider view and considers how that year of violence way back at the turn of the 18th century might have informed the century to come.

It’s simultaneously difficult to crack, and incredibly readable. Dig into it as much as you want. Read the appendix. The companion. Spend hours online pouring over crime scene photos and autopsy reports, trying to solve the murders yourself. Or just enjoy a fictional story of crime in 18th century London and the people that had to live through it.

Alan Moore is considered the master for a reason. And this might just be his opus. Also, I went with the original black and white, as I felt that really captured the atmosphere of the city back then. Campbell’s art is scratchy and sublime. And digusting and detailed. And I’m not going to stop thinking about it for a long time.

Go read it. I’ve added it to GoodReads and it makes me wish there was an option for 6/5 stars.

Jack Bumby

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