What I’m Reading – ‘We Stand On Guard’ by Brian K. Vaughan, Steve Skroce, and Matt Hollingsworth

We’ve seen countless times how The United States of America deals with threats, but this comic asks us to consider the question; what if that threat was a little closer to home? Would you feel the same?

It’s a knockout story that’s well-worth reading, now more than ever.

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What I’m Reading – ‘Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne’ by Grant Morrison

Comics are confusing. I’d argue that nothing is quite as confusing as the world of DC comics, particularly the really out-there cosmic stuff. And Grant Morrison is famously bonkers. So the two of them together, in the wake of one of DC’s typically bloated and ridiculous crossover events (penned by the chaos magician himself) in a Batman-meets-Cloud Atlas time-hopping adventure – how confusing could it be?

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The Walking Dead – ‘The World Before’ Review

So there we have it, another half-season gone in the blink of an eye. Though this episode didn’t give us an action-packed mid-finale, it did wrap up the themes and ideas that we’ve been seeing for the past eight weeks. This half of the season has been the ‘Cold War’ with the Whisperers, with both sides taking shots and being careful not to overstep. By the end of The World Before, it’s apparent that, going forward, the war will be anything but cold.

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The Walking Dead – ‘Open Your Eyes’ Review

I owe some people an apology. Since being introduced, I’ve defended Dante’s wacky antics. People said he was weird, but hey, he was weird in the comics. It’s his shtick. But as it turns out, all those people who said something was ever so slightly off with Dante were 100% correct. In a very surprising moment, one that feels tailor-made to pull the rug out from under the comic readers, Dante kills Siddiq.

I guess it wouldn’t be a season of The Walking Dead if the resident medical professional didn’t get the chop.

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