100 Words or Less – 211 (2018)


Released – 2018

Director – York Shackleton

Starring – Nicolas Cage, Amanda Cerny, Michael Rainey Jr.

Review 211 starts in Afghanistan, switches to Kabul, back to Afghanistan, then to America for no less than five loosely connected plotlines. For the remainder of it’s agonising 87 minute runtime, it never decides what it wants to be. Cage has a good freakout, there’s some passable shootouts, but mainly the film is a corny soap-opera, checking the box for every obvious cliché in the book. The robbers are inept, the police dialogue is almost as bad as The Dark Knight, and it has one of the laziest and cheesiest endings I’ve ever seen (that it’s obvious Cage didn’t even show up to film). Avoid.

Reviewed by Jack


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