100 Words or Less – 211 (2018)

The latest VOD offering from the greatest actor of all time, Nicolas Cage.

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Mom and Dad (2017) Review

‘Mom and Dad’ is peak Cage. It’s the best he’s been in a long time.

With a really original idea, and a unique style, and fantastic performances from Selma Blair and Nic Cage – ‘Mom and Dad’ is a treat.

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The Trust (2016) Review

“You know the drill.” Here we are once again; staring into the abyss that is Nicolas Cage’s VOD career. The one time Mongolian dinosaur skull owner returns to Vegas, the home of his Oscar winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas for The Trust, a tiny movie with tiny movie star; Elijah Wood. Quite surprisingly, The Trust is pretty good, great even, […]

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The 10 Best Movie Shootouts

The movie shootout might be one of the most popular and recurring scenes in movie history. Any genre of film can contain a shoot out and most of the time movie shootouts are pretty poor. It might just be one dude shooting at another dude without any energy or life to it, or worse, it’ll have […]

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