8MM (1999) Review

Here’s a review I wrote way back in 2013, about the excellent 8MM. Director Joel Schumacher passed away last week, so I thought now would be a good time to revisit this misunderstood film.


“Devil’s changing you already.”

Ok so lets talk about 8MM. The film is directed by Joel Schumacher. Joel Schumacher of Batman and Robin fame. Upon going on Metacritic to see the reviews of this film I found it actually has less than Batman and Robin. Let that sink in, if the reviews are to be believed then this film is worse than the famous shitty Batman and Robin. But it’s much better, and also has Nicolas Cage.

8mm-Oris2 Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix.

Nicolas Cage plays private investigator Tom Welles who is good at his job and with keeping his customer’s discretion. Tom is hired by an old wealthy woman whose husband has just passed away. In her late husband’s safe she found a film. And this is where Cage comes in. The tape seemingly shows a young girl being violently murdered (watching Cage’s reaction when watching conjures…

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