Westworld Season 3 Review

Westworld is back! And it’s bringing with it a slightly reduced run of episodes, but a more streamlined story. There are still mysteries – this is Westworld after all – but not as many.

This season has split opinion in the fanbase, more so than even the divisive second season. But despite a change of location and some swanky cyberpunk visuals, this is the same show we fell in love with way back in 2016.

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Westworld ‘Kiksuya’ Review

The vast bulk of this episode follows Akecheta, the leader of the Ghost Nation played by the excellent Zahn McClaron of ‘Fargo’ fame.

It might seem risky, having a whole episode dedicated to this one character, this close to the end game. But it pays off and ‘Kiksuya’ might just be one of the best episodes yet.

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Westworld Episode 6 – ‘The Adversary’ and Episode 7 – ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ Review

Due to an unexpectedly busy week I’ve combined episode 6 and 7 into one review. Probably couldn’t have picked a worse week for it because these were some seriously good episodes. Episode 6 ‘The Adversary’ saw The Man in Black come face to face with a garrison of soldiers and episode 7 ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ saw possibly the biggest reveal of the show so far…

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