Westworld Episode 6 – ‘The Adversary’ and Episode 7 – ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ Review

“Dear boys. We’re going to have some fun, aren’t we?”

Due to an unexpectedly busy week I’ve combined episode 6 and 7 into one review. Probably couldn’t have picked a worse week for it because these were some seriously good episodes.

After Maeve’s awakening at the end of episode 5 it was clear a big shake up was coming for the inhabitants of Westworld and episode 6 and 7 really get the ball rolling. Things aren’t completely shaken up yet (and this slow pace might still be too slow for some) but episode 7 ended with us on the brink of what’s to come. That’s not all though, there was also a few interesting developments with Teddy, who is still travelling with Mr Mysterious, The Man In Black, and Dolores an William had some cool stuff in their plot line too. The best stuff is arguably with Ford and Bernard though, as their plot lines converge for one perfectly executed twist at the climax of episode 7.


Maeve’s plot line is really becoming the most interesting in the entire show. Her interaction with the reluctant host technicians as she pushes them further and further is wonderful. Maeve knowing death in the park isn’t the end for her opens up some interesting ideas too and it looks like each death affects her at least a little. Her asking to be choked to death by a guest so she could wake up in the labs dow below was particularly shocking but it’s also cool to see a host so in control of their own destiny. Once the robot revolution starts any technicians or engineers down stairs best run because it doesn’t look like Maeve will be content with just a couple murders after everything they’ve put her through. Things are pushed further for her in episode 7 when she witnesses her friend and fellow Sweetwater prostitute Clementine being lobotomised after she was used as a pawn by the park executives to demonstrate the violent nature of the hosts. Thandie Newton plays it wonderfully, having to pretend to be an unaware host but showing so much emotion in just small facial movements. Newton deserves an emmy for her role as Maeve, she’s constantly been the standout performer in a cast of very strong actors.


There was a lot of other interesting stuff too and the greatest twist of the entire series came at the close of episode 7. The reveal that Bernard is a host was an amazing twist even though it’d been called from practically day 1. Him then going on to then murder Teresa was better still, and what this means for Bernard in the future will be very interesting indeed. Everything about the scene is brilliant especially the performances by Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins, and Sidse Babett Knudsen. Hopkins is brilliant as always and Knudsen more than manages to hold her own opposite him once again. But it’s Wright who steals the scene; his reaction to finding out his humanity has been a lie and his son and wife weren’t real  is absolutely heartbreaking. And even though he killed Knudsen’s character most people would be hard pressed to say they do not feel sorry for him. Hopefully Bernard will join Maeve and stage a robot resistance and become self aware in the process. Bernard’s treatment at the hands of the park’s megalomaniacal overseer Ford is sad but Hopkin’s is so good in the role that even you start wondering if the hosts are better off than the humans.


Teddy and The Man in Black have an interesting story going at the same time all of this is going on. Episode 6 sees them continuing to track down Wyatt and are forced to navigate across a camp full of soldiers. They even get themselves a disguise but things fall apart almost straight away when soldiers recognise Teddy (remember in this new narrative Teddy is an ex-soldier with a troubled past). Instead of running though, Teddy goes full Rambo 2 on the enemy soldiers and guns them all down using a machine gun. When even The Man In Black gives you a concerned look then you know something is up. Ed Harris is as grizzled and awesome as ever and it’s interesting to see another, darker side of Teddy, one which James Marsden plays wonderfully. Dolores and William have similarly awesome scenes in these episodes, as they accompany Lawrence (the reliably brilliant Clifton Collins Jr) on the train through ‘Injun’ country. There are action scenes as the trio escape soldiers and other enemies on horse back but it’s the relationship between the two that takes centre stage. William and Dolores burgeoning romance is a little overshadowed by the Bernard twist at the end of the episode but it’s still nice to see these two hooking up, especially as Jimmi Simpson and Evan Rachel Wood are such likeable presences in the cast.


The Bottom Line: These last two episodes of Westworld were once again probably the best thing on TV. The direction and music was brilliant once again but it was the direction the story is taking that interests me the most. Bernard being a host is something I think a lot of people have suspected but it was still shocking. The show will be different from here on out and I for one can’t wait.

Reviewed by Tom

Other Points

  • So what or who was Ford making in his creepy underground lab? My money’s on a duplicate Theresa.
  • So where’s Elsie? I thought at the end of Episode 6 it was Bernard who grabbed her which would make a lot of sense considering he’s a host under Ford’s control.
  • The exploding corpse was very cool.
  • Teddy on the machine was one of the best things I’ve seen. I let out an audiable ‘oh shit’ it was so cool.



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