Doctor Who – ‘Praxeus’ Review

The universe-shattering events of last week take a backseat, as The Doc tries to once again save the human race from a problem that they’ve kinda got themselves into.

We should’ve been more careful with those micro plastics, guys.

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Doctor Who – ‘Fugitive of the Judoon’ Review

What an episode! The return of the Judoon ended up being the least of this episode’s surprises. Captain Jack is back and better than ever, there’s something going on with a cyberman, the Timelords have made a return, and most importantly, there’s a new Doctor.

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Doctor Who – ‘Spyfall: Part One’ Review

Doctor Who is back with a bang! After a disappointing last season (but a fantastic Jodie Whittaker performance) the show returns with all the fantastic elements of the previous season (Whittaker, a higher budget, great scripts, brilliant music, Bradley Walsh) and seemingly sets a course to correct what the last season lacked. There’s more stuff for Yaz to do, more variety and – most importantly – more classic Who stuff.

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