What I’m Reading – ‘Final Crisis’ by Grant Morrison

Final Crisis is deeply flawed, yet captivating. It’s head-scratching at times, and at others it’s seemingly far too straightforward. Characters will make grand speeches about the nature of good and evil, followed by a dumb joke. It’s Grant Morrison’s take on the epic, crossover event.

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What I’m Reading – ‘We Stand On Guard’ by Brian K. Vaughan, Steve Skroce, and Matt Hollingsworth

We’ve seen countless times how The United States of America deals with threats, but this comic asks us to consider the question; what if that threat was a little closer to home? Would you feel the same?

It’s a knockout story that’s well-worth reading, now more than ever.

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The Witcher Episode 7 Review – ‘Before a Fall’

With only two episodes left, The Witcher still has a few things to sort out. Ciri is still out there alone, Nilfgaard is on the attack, Geralt is reluctant to grasp his destiny, and Yen is having a crappy time of things trying to find her place in the world. Not to mention the wider political intrigue and backstabbing taking place in the royal courts across the Continent. Luckily, this episode goes a long way to tying up these disparate threads.

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The Witcher Episode 5 Review – ‘Bottled Appetites’

Based on “The Last Wish”, one of the best of the original short stories, this episode sees Geralt and Yennefer cross paths for the first time. And their relationship promises to be an interesting one. At the very least, this makes the timeline a lot simpler. Ciri’s plot moves forward too, as she is taken from Brokilon by a doppler impersonating her old friend Mousesack.

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