What I’m Reading – ‘Neuromancer’ by William Gibson

After becoming a little obsessed with ‘The Matrix’ recently, and with the upcoming release of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, I decided to see where the cyberpunk genre began.

‘Neuromancer’ by William Gibson is a fast, messy, and excellent science fiction story.

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‘Blade Runner 2019’ #1 – Review

The world of ‘Blade Runner’ returns in comic-form, in an original story penned by ‘Blade Runner 2049’ writer Michael Green.

This 12-issue series promises a story of twists and turns all set within the sprawling neon metropolis of 2019 Los Angeles from the original film.

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The Matrix: A 20th Anniversary Retrospective – The Matrix Comics

Being fans of comic books and graphic novels, it makes sense that another part of The Wachowski’s vision for their shared universe would be these two collected volumes – originally published on the official Matrix site.

Each story is by a different established artist or writer. So, like ‘The Animatrix’, the quality is all over the place. But they present enough interesting ideas to make them both well worth a read.

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