Shadow Warrior 2013 Review

A review of Shadow Warrior by EddieBumble, from a few years back 🙂


Shadow Warrior Review Thumbnail

                             “A Wangtastic Game”

What is it and who develops it? Shadow Warrior is a first person shooter/slasher developed that was released on September 26th 2013 by Flying Wild Hog known for the other FPS Hard Reset. It is published my Devolver Digital who also published the Serious Sam franchise and one of my all time favourites, the ultra violent Hotline Miami. Shadow Warrior is a reboot of game that was released in 1997  with the same name which was developed by 3D Realms knowm for Duke Nukem 1 and 2. The game try’s to be more like old school shooters with no regenerative health and no mini map and way point.

What’s it about? In Shadow Warrior you play as Lo Wang (If you don’t like wang jokes then don’t buy this game) a…

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