100 Words or Less Games – Canabalt (Steam Version)

100 Words or less GAMES

Title – Canabalt

Genre – Action, Indie

Developer – Finji , Kittehface Software

Publisher – Finji

Release Date – 30 Apr, 2015

Platform – PC (Steam)

Review – You probably remember Canabalt. You can go play it for free right now. But is it worth paying for? Well, yes, I think it is. The game itself is excellent, a crazy one-button game that has insane replay value. And you’ll keep coming back to it over and over and over again, trying to beat your high score. The Steam version has co-op which is loads of fun. And if you’re anything like me you’ll appreciate the addition of steam achievements. It only costs £1.99 ($2.99) which isn’t much, even to a broke student. It’s simple, addictive and anyone who liked the flash game should consider picking it up.


Reviewed by Jack 😛


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