Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Review

“The Man who Regrets and The Man who Forgets.”

Doctor Who

Well that was good. The end.

Seriously though, it was very good. I’m not sure how much hype there was for this, sure there was a lot online but I know the reaction to last season was mixed, at least among my friends. That being said, I was excited for this, what Doctor Who fan can say, deep down, that they weren’t excited to see the Doctors together? Happily the episode delivered.

One question I read a lot, how are the Doctors together? And why does 11 only sort of remember? I feared they would explain it away with complicated science fiction mumbo-jumbo, like the show has a habit of doing. But I believed it, some how. The whole episode was better than the series has been in a while. Sure it still had Steven Moffat’s trademark deus ex machina at the end, but when the 13 Doctors are whizzing around space (including a brief shot at Peter Capaldi) you just don’t care.


The special effects in The Day of the Doctor are outstanding. The scenes of the Time War in Arcadia are just amazing. Some of the best special effects I’ve seen on TV in fact, it was a surprise.  Also a surprise was the lack of stupid 3D moments. Because it was airing in 3D across the country, I was sure there was going to be a shit-ton of stupid things flying out of the screen. But there wasn’t, I mean there was a few but not many. Also outstanding; the music. It was great and fittingly grand.

One thing I think Steven Moffat can be happy with is pleasing the long time fans. It was a love letter to Doctor Who, it is the 50th anniversary after all. There were plenty of references to the classic series, like Clara working at Coal Hill School and not to mention the Zygons. There were lots of nods to new Who as well, like the Magna-Clamps from Doomsday (I NOTICED THAT ONE >_>) and the obvious references to Bad Wolf and 10’s “I don’t want to go.” On top of this there were some old faces returning, like Billie Piper as Rose. Or Bad Wolf Rose. Just watch it and see. The best cameo (and most well guarded) was Tom Baker. We all knew who it was as soon as his deep, booming voice entered our ears. The scene between Tom Baker and Matt Smith, as he told him to go off and search for Gallifrey, well it was just really sweet. This episode actually struck a great balance. It had plenty of references and old faces, but not too many. No old companions (except Rose technically I guess), only one villain and most importantly NO RIVER SONG. That’s right, Steven Moffat wrote a story and didn’t put his favourite character in it. That’s progress if you ask me.

10 and 11The acting was top-notch in this episode. And the humour was spot-on. The scenes between Matt Smith and David Tennant were so very well done. The back and forth banter they had between the two of them, as well as John Hurt’s Doctor was brilliant. On that topic, John Hurt was great. He didn’t feel underused, he brought a touching sadness to this troubled character and for me he is a welcome addition to the Doctor Who universe.

For me it’s almost perfect. ALMOST perfect. The whole plot with the Zygons is wrapped up too quickly, seemingly only there to serve the purpose of getting the Doctors together. Also it is a real shame they couldn’t get Christopher Eccleston back. I know it’s beyond the show-runners control, but that would have just tipped it over the edge. I also feel a little but awkward when I see the girl with the inhaler. I mean, that is basically the fan base they’re teasing there. Still just a little gripe. As it stands the episode is phenomenal.

Overall, the worrying is over. Moffat pulled it out of the bag, it was a great episode. Hopefully this will silence all of the fans who complained last season. It reminds you what we all love about Doctor Who, it’s exciting, emotional and very British. I struggled to find complaints, it was as near to perfection as Doctor Who is ever going to get for me. Now the real struggle is keeping up this quality for Christmas.

Reviewed by Jack 😛


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