We Just Watched… The Two Popes (2019)

Based on true events, The Two Popes follows the meeting of Pope Benedict XVI (Anthony Hopkins) and the future Pope Francis (Jonathan Pryce), two men with wildly different interpretations of the Catholic faith and very separate ideas of how the church should adapt to the ever-changing modern world.


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Birdman (2015) Review

Birdman (2015) Review Where have you been Michael Keaton? The last thing I saw him in was Need for Speed and then all of a sudden he’s in Birdman giving the best performance of his career. Birdman tells the story of Riggan Thomson, a washed up, mentally unstable movie star who used to be famous […]

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American Hustle Review

      Well, after seeing American Hustle the other day I can safely say that I have found my new favourite film of the year (if we go by the American release date). I know; I said the exact same thing when I saw Gravity and I’ll probably say the exact same thing when I see The Wolf Of […]

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Gravity (2013) Review

“So, what do you like about being up here?” Well, that’s it, Gravity is my favourite film of the year so far, it is that good. And it is definitely one to see in cinemas, there’s no doubt about that. If possible see it in IMAX 3D as well. I know, I know, it’s a lot more […]

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Flight (2012) Review

[I’ll try to keep this review reasonably spoiler free, but beware!]    Flight first caught my attention last year, when its first trailer was released. The trailer was one of the best movie trailers I’d seen for quite some time and I think I may have held off from watching the film because I believed it […]

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Argo Review

Yep. It was good. Actually it was great, brilliant even. I’d wanted to see it for a while and never gotten round to it. But after it did well at the BAFTAs and then the Oscars, I watched it as soon as possible. And it was as good as its awards suggest. First up, I’ll […]

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