What I’m Reading – ‘Batman: White Knight’ by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Batman: White Knight is an Elseworlds-esque thriller which sees the Joker become a good guy and try to save Gotham City from the unregulated, violent Batman. It is superb and original.

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Wonder Woman (2017) Review

After the disaster of the previous DC cinematic entries (the mixed bag of Batman v Superman and the godawful Suicide Squad) the studio really needed a hit. Is Patty Jenkins’ ground breaking Wonder Woman the answer to the desperate prayers of the DC fan base?

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Man of Steel Review (Spoiler free)

 “Out there, amongst the stars, he will be free.”  I’ll try and keep this review spoiler free and, honestly, there really isn’t that much to spoil. Everyone knows the blueprint of a Superman story, and Man of Steel is sometimes predictable in that regard but if you really don’t want spoilers, turn away now.   Man of […]

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