Duel (1971) – 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Duel is a must watch if you’re a fan of Spielberg or even if you’re just after a fantastic and taut thriller. From the acting to the directing to the sparse Billy Goldenberg score; everything about it is pitch perfect. Despite it’s original TV movie trappings, the film is pure, edge-of-your-seat cinema. Duel deserves to be remembered as one of Spielberg’s greatest.

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Bone Tomahawk Blu-ray Review

“I know the world’s supposed to be round, but I’m not so sure about this part.” Bone Tomahawk is a horror western, a small subgenre that up until now contained few films of note. I’d say it ends up being about 75% Western, 25% horror but that’s the perfect mix. For for the most part […]

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¡Three Amigos! Blu-ray review

“You dirt-eating piece of slime, you scum-sucking pig, you son of a motherless goat!” The fact that ¡Three Amigos! was not a hit when it was released in 1986 should come as a surprise. Here we have a film with three of the most loved SNL alum in the starring roles; Steve Martin, Chevy Chase […]

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