Bullet Head (2017) Review

Paul Solet’s Bullet Head is not the greatest film of all time, it’s not trying to be. But it is one of the most surprising in recent memory.

Starring some real talent – and an excellent dog – Bullet Head is worth your time. Just ignore the title.

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The 10 Best Movie Shootouts

The movie shootout might be one of the most popular and recurring scenes in movie history. Any genre of film can contain a shoot out and most of the time movie shootouts are pretty poor. It might just be one dude shooting at another dude without any energy or life to it, or worse, it’ll have […]

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100 Words or Less – The Mask of Zorro

Title – The Mask of Zorro Released – 1998 Director – Martin Campbell Starring – Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones. The Mask of Zorro is a classic swashbuckling tale from the seasoned director behind some of the best Bond films. Hopkins stars as the ‘classic’ Zorro and Banderas is the young upstart he trains to take up the mask […]

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100 Words or Less – Assassins

Title – Assassins Released – 1995 Director – Richard Donner Starring – Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Julianne Moore. Review – Assassins is awesome. It’s a classic, Stallone action film with the added bonus of a camp, over-the-top Antonio Banderas. They play rival assassins both out to kill 90’s computer whiz Julianne Moore. It’s a classier film than you first think, thanks […]

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