100 Words or Less – Assassins

100 Words or less

Title – Assassins

Released – 1995

Director – Richard Donner

Starring – Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Julianne Moore.

Review – Assassins is awesome. It’s a classic, Stallone action film with the added bonus of a camp, over-the-top Antonio Banderas. They play rival assassins both out to kill 90’s computer whiz Julianne Moore. It’s a classier film than you first think, thanks mostly to Richard Donner’s direction. The script was written by the Wachowski’s and LA Confidential’s Brian Helgeland. (Although I’m not sure you can tell). It has some great lines now and then, better than the usual crappy action movie one-liners. It is over the top but I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t. Akin to Tango and Cash. Must watch.

cUbZKReviewed by Jack 😛


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