Westworld ‘Virtù e Fortuna’ Review

“You’re all I have left now, Teddy.”

Since Westworld first aired, the questionable ethics of the park was thought on many peoples minds. Was the show racist in its depiction of native Americans or was it intentional and all part of the overall narrative (I believe the latter). These questions aren’t going to get any easier to answer, however, especially after episode 4 ‘Virtù e Fortuna‘ holds it’s opening few minutes in possibly the most racist time period imaginable; colonial India. Again, I believe this is all part of the Westworld message; how Delos lets us live out our basest and most unpleasant desires. It allows us some awesome visuals too, with elephants and turn of the century weaponry littering the place – not to even mention the tiger from episode 1 (we found out how that got to where it was in Westworld). We didn’t spend long there – hopefully we’ll return soon – but it also allowed for the show to demonstrate to us how the parks lead into one another. There’s a large body of water between this world (known as Raj World or The Raj) and good ol’ Westworld but that’s it. The parks seem to be on the same island. What this means I don’t know but I’m guessing Westworld is the biggest park? They can’t all be that size right? Here’s hoping we get some satisfying answers to these questions at some point.


This season’s supposed weak point (the Dolores storyline) was front and centre this week and it a thrill ride from start to finish. Evan Rachel Wood is so damn good as Dolores/Wyatt and James Marsden is quietly brilliant as her nice guy sidekick, Teddy. The pair of them arrived at a confederado fort manned by Colonel Brigham, played by Fredric Lehne (or Marshall Mars to any other Lost fans in the audience). The plan is to convince the Colonel to lend all of his men to Dolores cause and end off the encroaching human attackers. And it works. For a moment I even began thinking this was the beginning of Dolores’ army – ready to take down any threat they come across! Aaaand they’re all dead. Dolores knowingly sacrifices them all to further her goal of world domination. And damn, I know they can all be technically brought back to life but the shot of the hundreds of corpses lining the entrance to the fort really brought home how cold-hearted the newly awakened Dolores can be. Teddy seems to have come to this realisation too however, sparing some of the men Dolores asked him to execute. He forgot TV drama rule no. 1 though; always check the coast is clear before betraying someone! Dolores saw the whole thing and will no doubt get her revenge. Poor Teddy.


Despite last week’s episode having the title ‘Reunion’, it was this weeks episode that had the most important reunions of all. Namely; Dolores and her Father, Dolores and Bernard, and Maeve with Lutz, Sylvester, and Armistice.  Dolores and her father shared a couple of touching scenes despite the fact that Peter Abernathy isn’t all there. And it turned out to be all too fleeting as Abernathy was soon whisked up by the invading  QA team. However, what with his brain being full of sensitive information (that Bernard got a glimpse at but didn’t extract) I’m sure we’ll see him again very soon. Bernard (a career-best performance by the always great Jeffrey Wright) didn’t have it great this week either. Not only is he still leaking brain fluid but he’s got not little to no allies, has developed a shaky hand, and can barely seem to walk. The Bernard of the future who washed up on the beach has none of these problems, adding credence to the theories that it is either not really Bernard or that he’s gotten himself a new body in the interim.


And finally, one of the most awesome endings of the show so far, Maeve and her ragtag team of humans and hosts have seemingly found themselves on Samurai land. Who was the samurai at the end? My money’s on Hiroyuki Sanada, who’s been confirmed to be appearing at some point this season. I also reckon we won’t get any answers until episode 5 because that’s just how these things seem to go. Next week looks like an Ed Harris heavy episode mind, so I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

Reviewed by Tom


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