100 Words or Less – Hard Rain (1998)


Title –   Hard Rain

Released – 1998

Director – Mikael Salomon

Starring – Christian Slater, Randy Quaid, Minnie Driver, Morgan Freeman.

Review – Tom (Christian Slater) drives an armoured truck and Jim (Freeman) and his gang want the three million dollars inside it. The cat and mouse game all takes place in the slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) flooding town of Huntingburg, on jet skis and boats, in a submerged school and a sunken graveyard. It bears a strong resemblance to John Woo’s Broken Arrow in all the best ways; Christian Slater, ridiculous gunfights and over the top action. Minnie Driver is great as the plucky heroine and Randy Quaid is, well he’s Randy Quaid.  It’s 90’s action cinema at its greatest.

Hard Rain 2.jpg

Reviewed by Jack


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