100 Words or Less – Bastille Day (The Take) (2016)


TitleBastille Day (‘The Take’ in some regions)

Released – 2016

Director – James Watkins

Starring – Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon

Review – Revolving around terrorism in Paris, this film has only become more relevant. Elba’s gruff CIA agent is paired up with Madden’s unlucky pickpocket and the duo has genuine chemistry as they first tolerate one another, then form a reluctant friendship. It has an advantage over similar action films by being just that bit smarter. The villains aren’t generic racial cutouts (London Has Fallen) and it feels like it has something to say about current-day affairs, however accidental that might have been.  The action is cut quick and punchy, and it works. Schlocky but pacy and efficient, Idris Elba beating people up will always be exciting.


Reviewed by Jack


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