Doctor Who ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ Review

Magicians aprrentice

“Davros. My name is Davros.”

Doctor Who is back! While it might not be the most consistently good show on television I think everyone can agree that TV is just that little bit better when Doctor Who is on. And the newest series got off to a pretty strong start. That opening with the ‘hand mine’ field was spectacular and led to some really creepy imagery. The reveal that the kid was Davros was even sweeter, especially when the Doctor was stuck with the decision of whether to leave him or help him. The Doctor might eventually do what’s right and help the kid but I applaud Moffat for doing something different and having the Doctor leave him (for now).

The return of Missy was always going to be a troublesome topic for fans, myself included as i never really liked her before. But now, when she is relegated to being a supporting character I find her a lot more bearable, in fact I even like her now. She might become too much if overused but for now she’s a fun addition to the cast. Jenna Coleman as Clara is also wonderful and remains one of the Doctor’s better companions. The real centrepiece for the whole show though is still Capaldi as the Doctor, no matter what Moffat says. He’s as funny as previous Doctors but also possesses the acting chops to back up the dramatic scenes. He keeps the wackiness that plagued a few of Matt Smith’s stories to a minimum and manages to convey the emotions necessary for the scene. It’ll certainly be a tough act to follow for his successor.

The return of the Daleks was a nice touch, it’s been too long since we’ve seen the metal monsters. The return or Davros was also great, the reveal of the kid being him was a highlight. I’m unsure as to how Davros is here though, I could’ve swore he exploded or something but ignoring that, his return was an exciting moment. One issue I did have was the return of the old the Doctor’s going to die soon plot point. They’ve tried with the astronaut bit and the whole trenzalore bollocks previously and they did it well enough that I don’t think we should be treading over familiar ground. We know he’s going to be fine; the show’s called Doctor Who. That’s just a small complaint though, and one that doesn’t at all effect my enjoyment of the episode.The directing on the show still remains good after the increase in effort last series. For the most part, Doctor Who no longer has the cheap sci-fi channel feeling and can almost hold it’s own against the best TV dramas. It’s not quite Hannibal or anything but it’s nice to see them them relying on more than story and make up create the desired atmosphere.


All in all the series 9 opener was a great episode with just the right amount of laughs and genuine surprise. It’s nice to see the two parters making a long awaited comeback which allows for some good weekly cliffhangers. The show hasn’t change significantly in the interim between seasons so if you weren’t a fan of the previous one then you probably won’t like this one. And while I do usually like my TV as obtuse and pretentious as possible it is nice to escape into a fun, child friendly sci-fi world for just under an hour every Saturday evening. And nothing does that better than Doctor Who. 

Reviewed By Tom


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