Doctor Who – ‘The Eaters of Light’ Review

Classic Doctor Who writer Rona Munro is behind this weeks episode ‘The Eaters of Light’. Featuring Roman centurions, Celtic warriors, light devouring beasts, and the fabulous Nardole, do all the elements come together to create a good episode?

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Doctor Who – ‘Empress of Mars’ Review

Mark Gatiss Doctor Who efforts can range from some of Doctor Who’s best episodes to some of it’s worst.

Now he’s back, once again with classic villain The Ice Warriors. But is ‘Empress of Mars’ more ‘The Crimson Horror’ or the universally despised ‘Sleep No More’?

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Doctor Who ‘Hell Bent’ Review

Never be cruel, and never be cowardly, and if you are, always make amends. In this episode the Doctor makes a joke after shooting someone, stating ‘We’re on Gallifrey! “Death” is Time Lord for “man flu”.’ Well it seems this is the thinking of Steven Moffat when it comes to his characters too. We all […]

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Doctor Who ‘Heaven Sent’ Review

“Clara said; don’t take revenge. You should know I don’t always listen.”  Well as experimental episodes go, this was certainly a step up from Sleep No More, and I was one of the rare few who liked that episode. Capaldi’s Doctor all by himself, alone in a big spooky castle with only a monster for company. You’d […]

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