100 Words or Less – You’re Next

100 Words or less

Title – You’re Next

Released – 2011

Director – Adam Wingard

Starring – Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg.

Review – You’re Next is a clever twist on the slasher/home invasion genre from horror director Adam Wingard. When a family is preyed upon by killers in animal masks, the last thing they expect is that Erin (Sharni Vinson) is a survival nut/badass. The film is surprisingly polished considering the budget, and the gore and blood effects are amazingly gruesome.  The film feature some spectacular death scenes but is also peppered with black comedy throughout. The characters are interesting and there are more twists than you’d expect. The plot comes together superbly with a “splat” in the last few minutes.

You're Next

Reviewed by Jack 😛


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