The Walking Dead – “Say The Word”


Just when I thought The Walking Dead couldn’t get any weirder! “Say the Word” begins with a barbecue in Woodbury, everyone is happy. This place looks like a paradise. It then cuts to the Governor concentrating on something. The camera pans down around and you realise that he’s combing a little girls hair. Ok, that’s little weird. He then accidentally rips off a chunk of her scalp with the brush and you realise she’s a walker. That’s pretty messed up. I love how they kept this element from the comics though, I wasn’t sure they were going to do it. Back at the prison Rick is still in shock. He picks up an axe and disappears into the prison. Angry is another emotion Andrew Lincoln can pull off VERY well.

Rick has snapped

Someone needs to something about the baby. So Daryl and Maggie go off on the motorbike in search of for supplies. This is basically a Daryl episode, which I don’t think anyone will complain about. Over at Woodbury, Michonne steals her sword back. We also get more of an idea what the Governor is up to as she overhears Milton asking him to stop the party so he can do his “experiment”. After this we get an extremely cool scene of Michonne taking down a group of caged up walkers. This was brilliant, and we finally get to see Michonne at her best, which was great because she hasn’t really been able to do much since coming to Woodbury. But you can’t just kill the Governors supply of walkers (or biters) and get away with it.

Daryl and Maggie

After a conversation with the Governor, Michonne is ready to leave, Andrea feels differently. She confronts the Governor and he says Michonne is scaring the residents. It’s frustrating (in a good way) when we see the Governor talk to Andrea as we have seen the REAL him. I just want to shout at Andrea and tell her to stop arguing and just leave. But she doesn’t and Michonne leaves alone. Meanwhile Maggie and Daryl find an abandoned daycare center. This was a pretty unnerving scene, with the row of abandoned cots against one wall and the stencils of the kids hands on the other (also there was a hand with ‘Sofie’ on it. When Daryl saw it he sort of looked away uncomfortably. This must be a reference to Sophia right?) Once they’re back at the prison they try to name the baby. Carl’s naming of every dead female member of the group as a possible name was sad, all Carl knows is death. Like I said last week, that kid is going to have a LOT of problems. Daryl’s suggestion of little “Ass-Kicker” raises a smile however, and quickly draws attention away from Carl’s depressing suggestions. He begins feeding the baby, he’s a big softie at heart!

Daryl and Ass-Kicker

We also see Rick going a bit more insane, repeatedly stabbing the bloated walker that presumably ate Lori’s corpse. This series is dark. Back at Woodbury the Governor reveals what the caged up walkers are for in scene that will please any fan of the comic. He takes her to see one of his (staged) fights in his gladiator/thunderdome-esque arena. The fighters are Merle and Martinez and they battle in a circle of walkers. It’s fixed however, as the Governor points out, the walkers have had their teeth taken out. Hopefully Andrea has got a good idea of what the Governor is really like, she’s had the evidence right in front of her for a while. Like Michonne said about Woodbury, “No one who comes here leaves”. Sadly it looks like her chance to leave may have gone.

Merle in the arena!

The scene ends with Rick getting a phone call. I didn’t think anything of it but then I thought, this the Walking Dead! Who could possibly be calling him?! The episode ends with Rick picking up and saying “Hello” DAMN CLIFFHANGER!

Ahem, overall it was a slower episode than “Killer Within” before it. But that’s not a bad thing. It was cool to see the aftermath of the previous episode and we got some awesome scenes in Woodbury. And best of all, within all this death, there was still the touching scene of Daryl feeding the baby. A great episode.


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