The Walking Dead – “Killer Within”


Well that was an eventful episode. It seems that the writers are really listening to the fans this series. “T-Dog doesn’t do anything huh? KILL HIM!” and “Don’t like Lori do you not? KILL HER!” Fans now have no characters to complain about! On a serious note, this episode was intense. But it actually started with one of the most light-hearted moments so far, with Maggie and Glenn being caught together in the guard tower. Things only got worse from there, with the prisoners, Axel and Oscar, asking to leave their side of the prison. I loved how Axel used his comic book counterpart’s catchphrase “You follow me?” That was a cool reference for fans of the comic. Rick gives the prisoners an ultimatum, go back to their side of the prison, or leave. T-Dog however is not comfortable with kicking the prisoners out. I should have known something bad was going to happen as soon as he opened his mouth. He gets the character development he’s been waiting for and he gets bit 5 minutes later. Poor Theodore just can’t catch a break. 

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Soon the zombies are swarming the prison and T-Dog has been bit. How can things get any worse I asked myself. Lori then goes into labour. I must be in the minority but I’ve never had a problem with Lori. Her reaction to hearing that Rick has killed Shane in “Beside The Dying Fire” at the end of Season 2 was annoying but I’ve never hated her. So my reaction to her death (sadness) was probably a lot different to many other fans (joy).

Carl picking off walkers

Still, her messy death was the saddest in the show so far. It was a great last scene for her character, hearing her baby and smiling before passing away from blood loss. Poor Carl had to then stop his Mum coming back by shooting her in the head. That kid is going to have a LOT of problems.I’m also sure Maggie isn’t going to come away from this experienced unscathed. After all she was the one who had to perform that makeshift Cesarean with Carl’s rusty knife. On a more positive note, the baby is alive. So it’s not all death and depression in the world of the Walking Dead.

My gif this week will be of the late T-Dog. He went out like a bad-ass didn’t he? He was going to turn, it was inevitable. So in a last act of awesomeness he sacrifices himself to save Carol. Sorry Lori, but your death scene just can’t compare.

Most of the action took place in the prison but there was the occasional scene that took place in Woodbury. It was great to see a detective side of Michonne, as she was investigating the Truck the Governor killed the marines for last week, She finds the bullet holes and the blood but the slimy Governor just shrugs the questions off. She knows there’s something off in Woodbury but Andrea can’t be convinced. Andrea is busy helping Merle, she gives him a map to the farm from last season (the last time she saw Daryl) Hopefully they’ll follow this plot next week, I can’t wait to see the Dixon brothers back together again.

Finally, how great was Andrew Lincoln?! His crying at the end was so well done! It looks like he’s gone off the deep end. This was probably the best episode of the series, and one of the best of the show overall. It was truly amazing. Heart-wrenching, intense and scary all at the same time. Brilliant.


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