Doctor Who – Series 3 Rewatch and Review

Series 3 of Doctor Who had a tough act to follow. Series 2 was on another level in terms of what we’d seen on television at the time, and this series had to step up its game. With a new companion in the fantastic Freema Agyeman, and plenty of new places to explore, the series definitely succeeds.

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Torchwood – ‘Miracle Day’ Review

One day, everyone on earth stops dying. But it soon becomes clear that this is far from the miracle that it first seemed.

It’s up to what’s left of Torchwood to solve the case – with help from a few new American friends.

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Torchwood – Season 1 Review

I feel like Torchwood has kinda got a bad reputation since it aired. Billed as the “adult” version of Doctor Who, the show lived up to the description. It’s full of the sort of violence, swearing, and sex that would make The Doctor blush. And yeah, some of it’s pretty silly. And a lot of it hasn’t aged particularly well. But once you get past that, it’s a really fun science fiction show with a consistent first season – with a good number of episodes that are truly superb. 

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