Duel (1971) – 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Duel is a must watch if you’re a fan of Spielberg or even if you’re just after a fantastic and taut thriller. From the acting to the directing to the sparse Billy Goldenberg score; everything about it is pitch perfect. Despite it’s original TV movie trappings, the film is pure, edge-of-your-seat cinema. Duel deserves to be remembered as one of Spielberg’s greatest.

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100 Words or Less – Duel

Title – Duel Released – 1971 Director – Steven Spielberg Starring – Dennis Weaver Review – The first ‘real’ film of Spielberg’s career, Duel is a great little movie. There’s not much to it, it’s only 90 minutes long and the plot could fit on a postage stamp; an evil trucker torments a man along a remote American road, but it works. […]

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