The Stand (2020) Review

The reaction to the recent adaptation of The Stand has been mixed. On one hand, I understand the critics who said they found the show uneven, in terms of both tone and performances. But on the other, as a huge fan of the show, I’m left to wonder; what did anyone expect?

The show is bizarre and awkward at times, but so was the book. As an adaptation of one of the weirdest books of all time, The Stand does a damn good job capturing that “Stephen King feeling” that so many other adaptations fail at. 

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Gerald’s Game (2017) Review

It’s been a very interesting year for Stephen King fans. Who’d have thought with the dead-on-arrival The Dark Tower at the beginning of the year, we’d now have one of the very best King adaptations with It? So which way does Netflix’s new King adaptation, Gerald’s Game, go?

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It (2017) Review

Attempting to adapt any Stephen King story is a perilous task. But for one as iconic as It, it’s near impossible.

And with It’s numerous behind-the-scene bust ups and exits, is it even possible for director Andrés Muschietti to create a good, perhaps, even great, film?

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