100 Words or Less – Hitman

Title – Hitman Released – 2007 Director – Xavier Gens Starring – Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko. Review – By far the best video game adaptation, though that’s not saying much, Hitman has a great cast and some really kickass shootouts. Based on the amazing game series it’s fun seeing Agent 47 on film (though movie 47 lacks the stealth of […]

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“Oblivion” Review

“How can man die better: than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods.” Oblivion is a 2013 sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough. I watched it in he cinema the past week and I LOVED it. I loved it a lot. So far it’s […]

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