The Walking Dead – ‘Bonds’ Review

If you’re not won over by Negan yet, chances are you never will be. This episode sees him learning the ins and outs of the Whisperers as he suffers a trial by fire, courtesy of a jealous Beta. Elsewhere, Daryl and Carol begin what seems like a ill-advised mission into Whisperer territory, but we soon learn that Carol had it all planned out. 

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The Walking Dead – ‘Silence the Whisperers’ Review

Season 10 of The Walking Dead continues its hot streak with another dynamite episode. Things threaten to come apart in the communities, thanks to a falling tree at Hilltop and Negan at Alexandria. Not to mention the imminent threat of the Whisperers – a problem everyone seems to have a solution to. Where’s diplomatic Sheriff Grimes when you need him?

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The Walking Dead – ‘Ghosts’ Review

Let’s not beat around the bush, when you get to your tenth season you’ve got to start mixing things up to avoid the whole thing going stale. And you can’t claim that The Walking Dead hasn’t shaken things up. This episode sees Carol suffering from sleep deprivation and a great turn towards the good side for Negan. Both bold choices, but it makes Ghosts one excellent episode.

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