What I’m Reading – ‘Nemesis’ by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

On a number of occasions, Mark Millar has been referred to as “the poor man’s Garth Ennis” – which I don’t think is entirely fair. But this is one of his edgier stories. Nemesis raises the question; what if Batman was evil?

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MyCreativeRambling’s Best of the Decade

2010 feels like a long time ago. In that year, we were all in the cinema watching Inception or Toy Story 3. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was still in its infancy. Most people still hadn’t heard of Breaking Bad, while Game of Thrones was still a year away.

On top of that, Sad Keanu was breaking our hearts, Michael Cera was skipping, and double rainbows were outstaying their welcome. And that’s just 2010. The decade since has been interesting, to say the least.

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Venom (2018) – Review

‘Venom’ made a ton of money, and I can’t figure out why. It’s ugly, boring, and adds nothing of value to the superhero genre.

Here’s my review, as I unpick the negatives and positives (as few and far between as they are) and explain why you should forget ‘Venom’ and give ‘Upgrade’ a shot.

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