Joker (2019) Review

Everyone has an opinion on ‘Joker’ – especially those who haven’t seen it. But it’s not the dangerous incel fantasy that some have hailed it as – though it will surely still find an audience with that crowd.

‘Joker’ is gorgeous in it’s own disgusting sort of way. And, going into it, if you consider it as an alternate universe spinoff, or Elseworlds retelling, you’ll have a great time – even if you’ll need a shower afterwards.

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You Were Never Really Here (2018) Review

Director Lynne Ramsey’s long overdue follow-up to ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ is a fantastic study of possibly the world’s most depressed hitman.

It’s weird, it’s pretty uncomfortable at times, and it’s very dark. But it’s also fantastically enjoyable.

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