The Hitokage Detective Agency (A Charmander Story)

A few months back, my partner set up a Pokémon blog. Part fanfiction, part something completely different, it’s really cool to read. She’s even got me into it, and now we’re over 100 episodes deep into the show.

I’ve been writing a few bits and bobs for the blog on the side and this is my latest. Inspired by Detective Pikachu and the season 1 episode ‘Sparks Fly for Magnemite’, my story sees a fledging detective agency take on their first case in the underbelly of Gringey City.

Check it out, and take a look at the blog too! It’s really great.


A Breeder's Guide to Pokémon

Story by Jack Bumby

The Hitokage Detective Agency (Charmander Story #1) It was our first job – literally the very first, we’d barely even set up shop. Image credit: Thyfany Ron

The water splashed up at my torso.

“That’s just swell.”

“Char! Char!” Charmander scolded, from his position on my shoulder.

“It didn’t go anywhere near your tail flame, Charmander. Stop your whining.” I continued through the tunnel. It was getting deeper. We were just passing beneath the factory labs at this point. I made a quiet prayer to myself that it was only water splashing me and not chemical waste or runoff from some unpleasant experiment. The labyrinthian system beneath the factory had turned out to be a lot easier to navigate than I’d expected, thanks in no small part to my Charmander and his impeccable sense of direction. His tail flame also lit up the tunnels better than any torch could. He was a regular…

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