100 Words or Less – Mordhau

100 Words or less GAMES

Title – Mordhau

Genre – Action, Melee, Hack and Slash

Developer – Triternion

Publisher – Triternion

Release Date – 29 April 2019

Platform – PC (Steam)

Mordhau is a difficult game. The complex and skill dependent gameplay can be frustrating, and constantly being beheaded by a more experienced player can get annoying. But, take the time to learn the ins and outs of the twitch-based melee combat, and Mordhau becomes one of the most rewarding competitive games I’ve played in recent years. The frontline mode will be instantly familiar to fans of Battlefield’s hectic 32v32 objective-based skirmishes. With a deep progression system and plenty of cosmetics to purchase and customize (all with currency earned in-game), Mordhau gives you plenty of reasons to continue logging back on.



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