New Book! – ‘The Torment of Thomas Farriner’

Just a quick post.

Over the past year, myself and a few friends have been putting together a collection of flash fiction stories. These stories are all exactly 100 hundred words long, and there are exactly 100 of them. That was the gimmick at least. But over the year it became something more than that. Here’s the blurb:

One hundred stories, all exactly 100 words long.

From the corners of distant space, to the ancient Egyptian banks of the Nile, to the Old West, to the modern world, ‘The Torment of Thomas Farriner’ is a collection of flash fiction which examines the joyous, the tragic, the horrific, and the human.

the torment of thomas farriner

Here’s the title story from the collection:

The Torment of Thomas Farriner

I collapsed the sail before the stray embers coasted my way and turned the boat into a mess of charred floating matchsticks like the others. Besides, I was close enough. From my position on the dull auburn river, I could see the flames spreading like the wings of some terrible, mythic beast as it gouged my city. Its grey tendrils stretched to heaven, blotting out the insignificant stars. Down the waterway, the thunder and crack of the Tower garrison’s firebreaks rang out. The wind from the east had begun to settle. I just hoped enough of the great city remained. 

The book is available now from Amazon. There is a print and a Kindle edition available, which are 99p and £3.99 respectively.

If you can, check it out and let me know what you think. It’s been a fun journey, and now it’s out there I just want people to get reading it!

Jack Bumby


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