“Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier” – A Damn Fine Book Review

The second dossier by Twin Peaks creator Mark Frost. Whilst the first dossier delved into lore and expanded on the mythos, this one acts more as an epilogue to the show – and tries to make sense of the show’s fantastic, frustrating, and wonderful third season.

The book has a lot information about the loose ends the show left dangling. We find out what happened to a lot of the supporting characters (one character even has a run in with a certain businessman, famous dotard, and POTUS). It satisfying even if Frost can’t give all the answers. He give us the info and ultimately leaves you to decide.

One downside to this dossier is that it’s a lot more simple than the first (but half the price) and is more linear. But what it lacks in presentation it makes up for in closure and story for the characters I’ve come to really care about.

I highly recommend it as a sequel to the previous book and as a (possible) ending to one of the best TV shows and stories of all time.

Reviewed by Jack


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