Hitman Episode 1: Paris Review

Agree on everything here, especially the stupid always online bullshit. Awesome game none the less, makes me want to rewatch the awful yet insanely enjoyable Timothy Olyphant Hitman movie.


TitleHitman Episode 1: Paris

What is it? – Stealth/Action/Murder Simulator

Who develops it? – IO Interactive

Released – March 11th 2016

Viktor Novikov takes a sip of the cocktail I just mixed for him, oblivious to the rat poison I added moments before. Within a couple of seconds he starts making painful groans and rushes to the nearest toilet. Unfortunately for Viktor, I make it there before him. I hide myself in a nearby closet as he bolts in and starts throwing up into toilet. I have a couple of options now. I could shoot him in the back of the head; use 47s the signature fibre wire, or just simply snap his neck. But I have another idea. I slowly sneak up behind him and to his surprise his head is shoved into the puke filled toilet. A few unpleasant moments later he is dead, and nobody…

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