100 Words or Less Games – Fish Tycoon

100 Words or less GAMES

Title – Fish Tycoon

Genre – “Business Simulation Game”

Developer – Last Day of Work

Publisher – Big Fish Games

Release Date – May, 3rd, 2004

Platform – PC (Steam) or from their website


Any business building type and you’ve got my interest, but Fish Tycoon? It looks appealing: you have a fish tank, some fish, and even a vague mission to find some magic fish. What have you not got? A Business game. Having money you buy fish and medicine with and a non-interactive shop face does not make a business building game. And there you have it, really. You have fish, you breed them and you scoop up their dead remains every day because they grow on real time and you’re just not that enthused to check the game every few hours.

Reviewed by Rebecca!

Also, if you do want it, don’t buy this, it’s free!


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