CeX Review – Fury

This is my review of the excellent Fury I wrote for CeX. 

Fury (2014) Review

Out now on DVD and Blu-ray we have Fury. A film the quote on the case says is “the best war film since Saving Private Ryan and Platoon”. That’s lofty praise. Does Fury live up to it?


Fury follows an American tank crew in WWII, a part of the war other films have barely touched upon. The crew is made up a cast of colourful characters headed by Wardaddy, played by Brad Pitt. When one member of the crew dies they need a new recruit, that’s where Logan Lerman’s Norman comes in. He is us, the audience. He’s seeing all of the horrors for the first time as we are. And there are plenty of horrors throughout Fury’s 2-hour runtime.

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