CeX Review – The Guest

The Guest (2014) Review

(This is an excerpt from a review I wrote for CeX UK).

Directed by Adam Wingard and out now on Blu-Ray and DVD comes The Guest, the latest film from the brilliant minds behind one of 2011 best films; You’re Next. And like You’re NextThe Guest is both brilliantly made and cleverly subversive.


The film follows a soldier, named David, who has just released from the Army. He’s played by Dan Stevens who, before this, had only really been known for Downtown Abbey, but he shows how talented he is here, and even manages a damn good Southern American accent. David goes to the house of the Peterson family where he claims to be a friend of the family’s recently deceased son, having fought alongside him. David works his way into the family doing jobs for them, and eventually everybody likes him. He beats up the ridiculous movie bullies tormenting the other son, Luke, helps out the daughter Anna and shows her he can smoke pot and drink with the best of them, and everyone starts to think he’s just a pretty cool guy. But strange things start happening and suddenly things turn out to not be as simple as they first appeared. Like with You’re Next, saying anything else but the basic plot would be spoiling it but there are plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. As well as the brilliant plot another strong point the film has is the awesome 80’s-esque synth soundtrack, and just like You’re Next you’ll find yourself listening to it long after you’ve watched the film. 

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